What is it ?

DBTCP is a proxy server for ODBC connection.
Allow to make a query from a linux machine to a database in a Windows machine trough ODBC.
Allow to connect all ODBC compliant databases from a Linux server from shell scripts, perl via DBD and PHP.

DBTCP is released under GPL.

Why a proxy for odbc connections ?

The main reason for using dbtcp is the lack of support for a few odbc databases under Linux and the fact that you can use multiple dbtcp clients on a pay-per-odbc-connection database management system.

Where I can get it ?

Source for the client part ( tested only on linux ) and binary windows server. ( Latest version 0.1.18 - 14 Jul 2004 ) dbtcp 

We use DBFTP for dumping databases from Windows ( MDB ) to a Linux machine running mysql, also we use the same client library to create dynamic html pages on linux based on data avalaible only on Windows machine.

Can I run dbtcp as a NT service ?

Yes, you can run dbtcp as a service using firedaemon.

Data dumping from Windows to MySQL

To dump data from a remote DSN to mysql you can do something like this:
echo "SELECT * FROM mytable" | dbtcp DSN=mydsn myserver > /export/data.sql
echo "LOAD DATA INFILE '/export/data.sql' INTO TABLE mytable FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '\''" | mysql mydatabase




dbtcp ( server, client source, DBD driver, PHP driver )

dbtcp server V2.4.2 ( 14 Dec 2005 )

dbtcp server Delphi source

Example Delphi Client

PHP 4.0.6 + dbtcp support ( 0.1.14 ) ( 3970 KB )
Use make -C dbtcp-0.1.14; ./configure --with-dbtcp=dbtcp-0.1.14 to build php with dbtcp support enabled

PHP 4.2.3 + dbtcp support ( dbtcp version 0.1.18 ) ( 2982 KB )
Use make -C dbtcp-0.1.18; ./configure --with-dbtcp=dbtcp-0.1.18 to build php with dbtcp support enabled


pure JAVA DriverA pure java driver by phreekx

CLIPCLIP is an open-source XBase/Clipper compiler, Rushad Nabiullin added support for dbtcp.

class.dbtcp.tar.gz A small php-class for using dbtcp via command line by Horst Bauer

dbtcp-python A python driver for dbtcp by Julian Munoz

zdbtcpda A Zope driver for dbtcp by Julian Munoz

VB Client A dbtcp client library written in Visual Basic by Peter Czibula ( added 19/07/2004 )
Notes on the dbtcp VB client

If you have problems mail to giussani at fastflow.com

Other projects

MyPHP - PHP embedded into MySQL to write UDFs
MyLUA - LUA embedded into MySQL to write procedures
Floppinux - My single floppy linux


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